Position Information

  • Status: Open
  • Time Commitment: 7+ per Week

What We're Looking For

The Directors of Policy will create policy based solutions to solve major environmental justice issues (based on their specific sector) that are plaguing communities. They will work to create meaningful and effective policies based on weeks of through and clear research to create specific and succinct changes to the status quo.


  • Brainstorming a meaningful policy to solve the chosen issue within the sector
  • Reviewing the work that fellows do on the preliminary report and policy brief
  • Conducting a policy analysis on the issue and solution chosen

  • Sample Projects

  • Alleviating communities impacted by extreme weather events and natural disasters with aid relief toolkits
  • Lobbying for standards that ensure the minimization of pollution in low-income and BIPOC communities
  • Bridging healthcare and sanitation access across all communities
  • Policies to plan green infrastructure and proper housing to prevent urban sprawl

  • Eligibility

  • Proficiency in writing and research
  • Prior experience in leadership, policy making, and political advocacy
  • Strong communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills
  • Diligent and thorough
  • Able to commit 7+ hours/week

  • How to Apply

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