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Our Team

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Rhea Goswami

Co-Founder and Executive Director

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Kash Jones

Director of Human Resources

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Miriam Antony

Director of Operations

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Natasha Matta

Co-Founder and Director of Content

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Iris Guo

Director of Partnerships

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Lexi Crilley

Director of Social Media

Read about Lexi

Elisabeth Kokorin

Director of Education

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Catherine Callinan

Policy Director

Sector: Public Health

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Aaron Bhattachan

Advocacy Director

Sector: Public Health

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Tanvi Pedireddi

Policy Director

Sector: Energy

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Ismat Khan

Policy Director

Sector: Infrastructure

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Alysha Selvarajah

Staff Writer

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Isha Chitirala

Staff Writer

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Adithi Nythruva

Staff Writer

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