Read more about the work in our partnerships and our partnership package.

Work in Partnerships

Read more about the work in our partnerships!

American Public Health Association (APHA)

Climate & Health Curriculum

Check out the environmental justice extension to the Climate & Health Curriculum that co-founders Rhea and Natasha added.

Youth Activist Roundtable

EJC Co-Founders Rhea and Natasha shared their advice to young activists and students interested in joining the climate change movement.

2022 APHA Conference Session Panelist on Environmental Health

EJC Co-Founders Rhea and Natasha presented to public health professionals the importance of youth empowerment and engagement in climate action and how they can help.

Children's Environmental Health Network (CEHN)

2022 NOW Youth Leadership Award

This award honors a young person (ages 10-21 at the time of the nomination) who has demonstrated exceptional environmental health leadership -- efforts to protect human health, especially of our most vulnerable populations, through actions including raising awareness of, advocacy for, and outreach around safer, healthier environments across places.

17th Annual Child Health Advocate Awards & Panel Discussion

EJC Co-Founders Rhea and Natasha share their perspectives as youth fighting for children's environmental health and how youth can become advocates for their own

Climate Change Panel: Children's Environmental Health Day 2021

EJC's co-founder Rhea was asked to speak about her experience being a youth advocate in the environmental justice sphere and how the youth are the key to making impactful changes on our environment.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Conversation with Dr. Bullard at the 5th Annual Bloomberg American Health Summit

EJC's founder Rhea was invited to speak at the summit in conversation with her personal hero and the father of environmental justice, Dr. Robert Bullard, about the intergenerational fight for environmental justice.

Association of Children and Matneral Health Programs (AMCHP)

Feature on MCH Bridges Podcast with Maura Leahy

EJC's co-founder Rhea Goswami was featured on AMCHP's podcast MCH Bridges to talk about her experiences being a youth advocate for environmental justice and the steps we can all take to protect our children from environmental hazards.

The Chisolm Legacy Project

Panel Discussion: Racism That Upends the Cradle - Climate Change

EJC's founder Rhea was featured on this panel to discuss how factors that are present prior to a child's birth can dramatically affect the way they grow up and interact with their environment. She delves deeper into climate anxiety and the importance of youth empowerment in disadvantaged communities.


Conversation with Surili Patel and Seema Wadhwa about Motivations to Join the Climate Change Movement

EJC's founder Rhea was invited to speak to her mentors and friends Seema and Surili about her motivations to join the climate change and the importance of knowing your why as a youth climate activist.

Perennial Undergraduate Journal at UC Berkley

Partnership: Content Creation for Journal

Check out our op-ed written by co-founder Rhea Goswami!

Maryland Campaign Environmental Human Rights

Partnership: Toolkit Advocacy Work and Content Creation for Social Media

Check out the toolkit we made!

Check out our social media posts about the proposed Maryland Ammendment!

Girl Plus Environment

Partnership: Social Media Content Creation, Podcast Feature, and, Curriculum Development

Work in progress!

Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition

Partnership: Advocacy Work and Content Creation for Social Media

Work in progress!

Rediscover STEAM

Partnership: Content Creation on Social Media

Check out some of our collaborative posts below!

Partnership Package