Our Work

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The Environmental Justice Coalition focuses our policy and advocacy work on five main areas in environmental justice: Civil Rights, Public Health, Climate Action, Energy, and Infrastructure. We research leading environmental justice issues, connect with key stakeholders, and craft original policy solutions focused on sustainability, equity, and innovation for our student-led policy think-tank.

Campaigns & Advocacy

The Environmental Justice Coalition’s Civil Rights, Public Health, Climate Action, Energy, and Infrastructure Advocacy sectors connect with legislators, advocate for the implementation of original policies and other relevant environmental justice legislation, and hold town halls, phone, email, and text banks, and other advocacy events throughout the year.


The Environmental Justice Coalition focuses our educational work on research and the development of a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses a variety of environmental justice topics, such as environmental racism and climate action. We reach out to schools, libraries, conferences, and other organizations to host workshops, ensure student engagement, and work to make our curriculum diverse and inclusive.


The Environmental Justice Coalition aims to raise awareness about issues in environmental justice, and ensure our policies reach a broad audience. We also aim to reach out to local, state, national, and international news outlets and media organizations to publish the Environmental Justice Coalition’s op-eds, host interviews, and feature our work.